Captain Football Devblog 1



Hello and welcome to the first post of this new weekly devblog dedicated to Captain Football !

What is Captain Football ?

Captain Football is a mobile runner game centered around football and inspired by mangas and animes like Captain Tsubasa, Moero! Top Striker and films like Shaolin Soccer.

Captain Football is also somehow the sequel of our very first game released two years ago : Captain Worldcup !Yes, It’s old and not really beautiful 🙂


The team of Captain Football is composed of 2 members :
Antoine is working on the graphic part, and I, Samy, am working on Programming.

We have been working on Captain Football for several weeks and I thought it could be interesting to make a devlog for the game. A devlog about the game and our progress, but also about the problems we encounter and the answers / solutions we find to those problems.

I wanted to keep this introduction short, so I think I will leave you here and say that next week, we will talk about the terrain and how we manage to make this “anime” feeling (players appearing behind the horizon line and the seemingly giant fields).

See you next week !

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